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Verbena has been cultivated around the Mediterranean basin since the dawn of time. In June, the green leaves pile high in baskets for harvesting, and the air in the Provencial markets is filled with the fresh, fragrance aroma of the Verbena Plant.

It's delightfully clean lemony scent and soothing properties are perfect for travelers seeking to be refreshed and relaxed.

This daily-use shampoo gently cleanses your hair without irritating the scalp. Enriched with organic verbena extract, purifying lemon essential oil and softening linden floral water, it restores softness, shine and vitality to hair. The sparkling and zesty scents of citrus fruits leave hair fresh and pleasantly perfumed. Suitable for all hair types. The new half round bottle with the twist off or flip top cap offer new convenience and style in all the citrus verbena products.

For over 30 years L'Occitane has been developing formulas according to the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy and with the greatest respect for man and the environment. The hotel amenity program maintains those high standards throughout every step of processing to the finished product. With over 1800 boutiques in 80 countries, L'Occitane continues to bring unique lines and packaging to the industry.

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